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▪ Due to high absorbency and high PH, walls finished with lime plasters control air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and stabilizing humidity at a comfortable level.
▪ Lime plasters are naturally resistant to mold and fungus. This is true even in the most humid climates near the ocean or in the humid areas of a house, such as bathrooms.
▪ Lime plasters are much harder to damage than paint since within 60 days after application they turn into limestone. They are also easy to repair at any time.
▪ Paint begins to fade and look dirty within 5 - 8 years, if not sooner. Lime plasters develop a pleasing natural patina that will look great for decades. In fact, many of the lime plasters you see in Italy are few hundred years old.
▪ If you'd like to change the color of the plaster in a few years, an easy lime wash or a single thin layer of new plaster over the old plaster will suffice to make a huge difference and keep it beautiful. With repainting, you may need costly preparation work and at least two coats of material to update the walls.
▪ Lime plasters have a beautiful finish and can be applied in any texture, color or sheen while adding value to the property.


We constantly fine-tune our application techniques and always look for suppliers with good quality but reasonably priced lime. As a result of our efforts, we can currently offer authentic lime plaster finishes for large projects at a highly competitive rate. We also offer full range of high-end Venetian plaster finishes that look like precious marble, tiles, stone, wood or metal.


See bellow some of our Venetian stucco  finishes, developed based on requests from architects, interior designers and private clients.

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