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The look and feel of concrete has a raw, understated beauty and the techniques are very popular in Europe and steadily rising in the US. Due to this, a versatile Decorative Concrete Collection was created by i-FAUX and showcased at the 2015 Architectural Digest show. In addition to concrete finishes done with cement of Portland, we presented some "faux" concrete samples created with lime plasters and synthetic plasters and other decorative materials.


These finishes are luxurious, extremely durable, maintenance free and with various price points.


Our most popular finish is “Poured concrete”. We use for it high quality concrete mix resulting in extremely durable finish. The material is troweled directly over Wonderboard or Sheetrock than  floated and burnished to create the look of Poured concrete popular with architects and interior designers. We seal the surface with revolutionary NANO sealer that doesn't change natural appearance of concrete but create an efficient protection from moisture and dirt.


See bellow some of our concrete finishes, developed based on requests from architects, interior designers and private clients.

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